LATEK production, trade and service company has been established in 1990. The company was founded by one person and has remained a family company until today. It is worth mentioning here that the company founder, Zdzis³aw Latek was awarded with the regional "Cz³owiek Sukcesu" (Polish for "Man of Success") title in the year 2001, which proves the quality of his business achievements. Moreover, Mr Latek has been active in charity and various social initiatives. Nowadays, Firma LATEK Zdzislaw Latek i Wspólnicy sp. j.  is a leading manufacturer of packing foil for flowers and O.P.P. foil distributor. Our cutting, metallizing and flexo printing services are consistent with the highest standards. Our major qualities which define our customer service standards have been presented below:
Own transport: 5t or 1.5t. Transport to the customer according to individual negotiations